My little sister is my childhood best friend.

2 min readNov 13, 2022

And she is my eternal best friend through thick and thin. We went through same upbringing and there were many memories to be kept and carried until we get older. I guess we will always make jokes about how silly we were throughout our childhood. The funny part of our growth is she was the one I regularly argued with and now she is the person I usually vent to. We did many stupid things and made crazy plans together back then. We are actually annoying one another. Adult life is not our thing but it becomes the phase we should go through because we never have an option to skip this part of growing up and aging with new responsibilities and worries. Being adult is boring but it is also exciting to try new things out.

To be very fair, I always wanted to know the feels of having a brother but God always know the better plans for me, my sisters are the best gift I’ll ever have and the people I can talk and treat like friends for sure. I never see our gap generation as an obstacle to exchange thoughts, feelings and ask for advices. Living thousands kilometers away from our family doesn’t feel lonely because I have her to keep me company. I spent almost 20 years with her under the same roof and 2 years were separated due to her dream high school. She has been always helpful and caring one who would remind me of how careless I was about my mental and physical health condition and whenever I felt so lost in life. We are actually can be lost at a certain time and situation.

Next week is gonna be her graduation ceremony day. She finally finished her responsibility in one of top three universities in our country. I am so proud of how she saw opportunities through her failures to make achievements. She won three medals in the national competition that is held annually and in the international competition as well. I am not as ambitious as her but we used to be high achievers throughout our time in high schools but our parents never raised us to compete unless to become supportive one another. I love her unconditionally when she is suffering from some mental disorders but it never stops her from doing the best in whatever she is in charge of and even when she is still nothing and has no idea what career she wants to do and passion she has after graduation later. My affection for her will never change. She is one of the most meaningful and important people in my life that never stop me from chasing my dreams. I love her, no matter what. Thank you for being a sweet and maddening sister as well. Let’s see where the destiny may takes us for five years from now on. Stay safe, stay alive and stay strong until then!

p.s : thank you for crying and laughing out loud with me hahaha.

With love, your Bea-stie ♡