How are you doing?

3 min readDec 17, 2023
November 2023, Biennale Yogyakarta.

A year ago I was quite active on this platform sharing some posts. Maybe life has treated me well. Hence, I was absent since I got accepted into a workplace which took me out of my comfort zone. I have a lot to pour down on this blank page.

It’s been 7 months now I’ve been working as a customer service for a company which provides the online ticket booking and it requires me to speak 2 languages. In the beginning, it was tough because my brain got messed up but it seems I got excited for doing the best in everywhere I am. Sometimes I feel like catching myself loves working a lot and that shocked me. However, I always remember that taking a break is needed too.

At the most unexpected time, I met a close friend of mine which is my coworker who lives in the neighbouring country. Certainly, the presence of herself always eased the first three months at work when I was so clueless on how to do my role properly. She always reassured me that I would improve my performance better from time to time. In addition, she frequently suggested me to apply for a job in the country she lives that can provides better salary and that is a good idea that crossed my mind for sure.

The world is so small when my friend in university who was never my classmate becomes my fellow worker. Whilst, one of colleagues who I consider as my older brother and others are as if they are my younger sisters. I could learn how to deal with the same age, older to younger ones on a daily basis. It was definitely out of my expectation.

Regardless of my occupation, I am still me…a girl who holds some future plans but trying to enjoy the present. I visited some places, reconnected with my hobbies, got new routines, and so on. I missed my close friend who resides in another island and hope I could book an airplane ticket soon and make sure she is doing fine with her job and personal life.

I went through those days I didn’t feel my best and I only wanted to rest during the time I was out of office. I was drained mentally which impacted my physical state. I forgot the last time I got sick but last month my body couldn’t bear my immunity weakened and I had to work at the same time since I didn’t want to take sick leave although I hardly used my voice. I got used to force myself for most conditions.

At this moment, I’m writing to release some thoughts from my head. Also, two months ago, I turned 26 and it surely embarked my journey to organize my priorities and this month will be the closing of eleven months passed. I wish this would open a good beginning to every new chapter I haven’t uncovered. I was so emotional for some occurences or for certain people with those plot twists I could never asked for. I’m thankful for I went through it all.

To be honest, I have more things to say but for now I only want to end this here before night would bring me further into my deep thinking. Ciao!